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Steps to take before purchasing

A plan

Step 1: Create a Deriv account and verify it.

Step 2: Create a skrill account to fund your deriv account or you can fund through MPESA payment agent. Click cashier to see various ways to fund your deriv

Step 3: In your settings tab in your deriv account click API and Select scopes based on the access you need. eg tick on the check box trade to allow us to trade for you. Create a name for your Token and copy it.

Step 4: purchase a plan in our website in the plan you will be asked to fill in the API token. Continue to checkout and wait for results in your Deriv trading account.

Choosing a reliable online money-making platform is a crucial decision, and Jisort Hapa is offering some enticing features. Let's break down why it's important for individuals to consider this platform:

Trade Replication with Own Account Control: Jisort Hapa offers the benefit of replicating your trades while your money remains in your own account. This is advantageous as it maintains your control over your funds, ensuring transparency and security. You're not required to transfer your money to a third-party account, reducing the risk of potential mishandling.

Service Fee and Capital Growth: The concept of paying a service fee for trade replication is understandable, and Jisort Hapa has proven results. The promise of getting 30% of your capital in just two weeks is appealing. What are you waiting for, jump in and lets Grow together.

Transparency and Accountability: The transparency of a platform is vital. Jisort Hapa is transparent, which is reassuring. Transparent platforms are more likely to be trustworthy and genuine.

Risk Management and Account Growth: Robust risk management settings and martingale strategies is crucial for our system. Trading carries inherent risks, and having effective risk management tools can help protect your investment. Jisort Hapa has these mechanisms in place to minimize losses and protect your capital, it's a positive sign. Happy Trading Clients.

Access to Funds: The ability to access your funds at any time is a significant advantage. Life is unpredictable, and having control over your capital ensures that you can withdraw your funds if needed. However, it's essential to clarify the withdrawal process, any associated fees, and potential restrictions on fund withdrawals. Which Jisort Hapa has no restrictions to this, Use your funds however you like as long as you withdraw money in your account, that specific day trading profit wont be reflected in your account.

Guaranteed Account Growth: While the promise of guaranteed account growth is appealing, it's important to approach such claims cautiously. No investment is entirely risk-free, and Jisort Hapa plans to achieve this growth with our Jisort hapa replicator and Bot. 90% winrate and can give you the returns in a few days.

Due Diligence: We need you our clients to leave reviews of our platform so we can grow together, it's crucial to leave reviews, testimonials, and any history of success or issues with Jisort Hapa to help us reach more people and help each other achieve financial freedom.  

In summary, the features offered by Jisort Hapa are indeed intriguing. View our plans and start your journey to financial freedom with us.
Happy Trading Clients.  
Crystal Salt

Introducing JisortHapa Options Replicator - Unleash the Power of Copy Trading!

Are you looking for a game-changing solution to maximize your investment returns? Look no further! JisortHapa Replicator is here to revolutionize your trading experience.

With our state-of-the-art Replicator technology, you can now effortlessly copy our trades as successful investors and replicate our winning strategies.


Imagine having the same trading edge as seasoned professionals, without the need for extensive market knowledge or analysis. This groundbreaking system empowers you to tap into the expertise of top traders and capitalize on their success.

Why choose JisortHapa Options Replicator?

Copy Trades: We have access to a vast pool of expert traders enabling you to replicate their trades automatically. Sit back, relax, and let the Replicator do the work for you.Diversification: Spread your investments across multiple successful traders to minimize risk and maximize your potential returns.

Transparency: Our platform provides real-time trade updates and performance metrics, allowing you to monitor and evaluate the performance of replicated trades.

Flexibility: We have the best trading preferences, we adjust risk levels, and set investment limits to suit your individual needs and goals.​

Accessibility: JisortHapa Replicator is accessible to both experienced and novice traders. No technical expertise required!​

Join the next generation of traders who are leveraging the power of copy trading to enhance their investment strategies. Experience the Jisort Hapa Replicator difference today and unlock your true trading potential!

Disclaimer: Trading options carries inherent risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Please ensure you understand the risks involved and seek professional advice if necessary.

Click Plans and pricing and start your journey with us. 

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